Washing Your Hair With Beer

Washing hair with beer

It might surprise you, but beer has several benefits for hair. Beer is a nutrient-rich product that contains vitamins, proteins, and other ingredients that have been shown to promote healthy hair. How does beer help hair and how do you use beer to wash your hair? The answers are simple.


Why should you use beer for hair?

Beer can be useful for hydrating and nurturing your hair Additionally, beer can make hair colour more vibrant and shiny. Beer has also long been used to stimulate hair growth and as a treatment for frizzy hair. Before using beer for your hair, be sure to let it sit out for a few hours. You want it to be as flat as possible.


How To Use Beer For Your Hair

  • Get bouncier curls

If you’re going for curly hair, you want to have nice defined curls. To get these, you need properly hydrated hair, and beer can help with that. Just boil one litre of water, a glass of beer and about half a glass of lemon juice. Next, wash your hair as usual and rinse thoroughly. Finally, apply your beer mixture from root to tip. For maximum results, massage your scalp and repeat this three times a week.

  • Fixing dry and damaged hair

If you’re struggling with dry, brittle hair, just mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a glass of beer. This can be used as a hair mask up to three times a week or it can be added to your regular shampoo.

  • Get straight hair straighter

Beer can help with straightening hair just as well as helping curly hair. To start, separate your hair into four to six parts and then just apply a mug of beer to your hair and let it sit for five minutes. Afterwards, just rinse with a large amount of cold water. Do not blow-dry your hair afterwards, instead, let it air dry naturally.

  • Fix split-ends without cutting

To help repair split ends, all you need to do is mix 75ml of beer and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix these well and apply the mixture to your hair and let it rest for 40 minutes. Then, simply wash your hair as usual.


Which is the best beer for my hair?

You don’t need to get the fanciest beer on the market. Quite the opposite, even the cheapest beer can provide all the benefits mentioned above. However, alcohol can actually dry out your hair, mitigating some of these benefits. It’s best to choose non-alcoholic beer for hair treatment.


Other Options for Thinning Hair

If you’re dealing with thinning hair, the cause may be genetic, In that case, no amount of over-the-counter treatment will provide long-lasting effects. The only permanent solution to chronic hair loss is a hair transplant. Dr Serkan Aygin is an established figure in the world of hair transplantation in Turkey, having been awarded the European Award for Medicine in the field in 2019. Our clinic has treated over 15,000 clients and has achieved a hair regrowth rate of 98%. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your full, free consultation and learn what options are available to you.

What is your hair loss like?

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