SOFT Anaesthesia Hair Transplant

Innovation: Find out how Dr. Serkan Aygin has managed to integrate the SOFT anaestehsia, which allows a painfree operation.

Anaesthesia During Hair Transplants

Traditionally, anaesthesia is delivered via a series of injections directly into the scalp. While these needles are extremely fine, the sensitive nature of the target area can still cause mild pain in patients. Despite this, direct injections remain a popular choice for many patients as they are the most cost-effective option.

However, for more pain-averse patients or those with a dislike of needles, we offer a revolutionary new anaesthesia delivery method that uses high pressure to apply the drug into the skin. By utilising new technology, we can apply a fluid anaesthetic directly to the skin. This allows for reduced pain from the procedure without the need for any injections. 

Finally, we offer general sedation to our clients. This is the most advanced form of anaesthesia offered and is administered only under the supervision of our expert anaesthesiologists. During sedation the patient remains fully conscious, but with greatly reduced sensations. This all but eliminates any pain or discomfort which may be experienced by a patient. Like all anaesthesia practices we offer, sedation is entirely optional; however, it may not be a viable option for all patients. During your free consultation, the doctor will go over all treatment options available based on the patient’s specific needs

What Is A “Soft” Hair Transplant?

A “soft” procedure refers to the practice of performing a hair transplant procedure while the patient is sedated. This provides several benefits for both the patients and the medical team. Specifically, soft anaesthesia is a somewhat new practice that involves using smaller doses or fast-acting, short-lived compounds that allow for highly customised anaesthesia treatments. This is often a better choice than general anaesthesia for minor, non-invasive procedures as it allows the patient to remain conscious and to recover more quickly.

SOFT anaesthesia hair transplant

What Are The Benefits Of Soft Anaesthesia Hair Transplants?

Soft anaesthesia is a popular choice for both doctors and patients as it can eliminate several difficulties associated with any long, delicate procedure. 

– Patients experience little to no pain during the hair transplant.
– Patients remain fully conscious throughout the procedure.
– Patients may eat and drink normally beforehand.
– Patients remain able to walk, use the restroom, eat, drink, watch TV, etc. during sedation.
– Patients can return to their home/hotel immediately after the procedure.

SOFT anaesthesia hair transpalant

How is A Soft Anaesthesia Hair Transplant Done?

The first step with any hair restoration procedure is to perform a full, free consultation with one of our specially-trained doctors. During this consultation, patients’ needs will be assessed with regards to the extent and nature of their hair loss, the number of grafts which will be needed, and from exactly where the grafts will be extracted. 

Once a course of treatment has been decided upon, the procedure may begin. If the patient has opted to receive any form of anaesthesia it is administered at this point. Once the donor area and/or recipient area are anaesthetised, the donor area is prepared, this typically involves shaving a small section of the back of the head. This section is usually able to be hidden by the remaining hair.

All soft anaesthesia options are available to patients undergoing either a Sapphire FUE hair transplant or a DHI hair transplant.

Soft anaesthesia hair transplant

A Sapphire FUE hair transplant is one of the most popular choices. During this procedure, a special sapphire blade is used for the creation of channels, as this allows for extremely fine incisions and minimises the risk of bleeding or scarring. Using a micro-motor, the hair follicles (grafts) are extracted from the donor area and stored in a special solution to maintain their health throughout the hair transplant. Once the grafts have been extracted, the surgeon begins the implantation process.

This is an extremely delicate, although straightforward, process. Using special sapphire blades the surgeon creates a series of small channels in the recipient site. The grafts are carefully placed, one-by-one, onto the channels. During this process, great care is taken to ensure that the transplanted hair matches the angle and direction of the current hair growth. This allows for a full, natural-looking, final result.

A DHI hair transplant is a modified version of the FUE technique wherein the extraction and implantation are combined into a single phase. This is achieved by using a special Choi Implanter Pen. This reduces the time the hair grafts spend outside of the body and allows for more precise placement of the implanted hair into the donor area.

While both sapphire FUE and DHI hair transplants are minimally invasive and generally do not cause great pain, any discomfort can be eliminated by the use of soft anaesthesia for hair transplants.

Sapphire FUE Hair transplant turkey

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