How To Sleep After A Hair Transplant

how to sleep after a hair transplant

A hair transplant in Turkey is a popular choice for patients suffering from hair loss. Turkey’s central location, low operating costs, and high volume of world-class doctors have cemented its reputation as a leading destination for international patients. Since a hair transplant provides permanent benefits, it is important to take care of your newly transplanted hairs in the days and weeks immediately following your procedure. One of the most important things to pay attention to is how you sleep, as the rubbing and pulling on the hair during sleep can cause the implanted hairs to fall out.

Why Does It Matter?

While we sleep, we tend to roll and turn throughout the night. Our scalps rub against the pillow, and it is normal to find a few hairs after a good night’s sleep. A Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure is performed by extracting healthy hair follicles from a donor site, and them implanting those into small channels in the recipient area. In the first several days after this procedure, these hair grafts are only loosely settled in the skin and can easily be dislodged.

For the first 2-4 days following a hair transplant, it is advised not to brush, touch, or wash your hair, to avoid pull-over shirts & hats, and to avoid swimming & direct sunlight. For these same reasons, it is important to be mindful of one’s sleeping position for a few days.

How Should I Sleep After Hair Transplant?

During the healing process, it is advised that patients sleep flat on their backs with their heads elevated. If at all possible, patients should try to sleep at a 45° angle such as in a reclining armchair. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this risks damaging the hair grafts. Be sure to keep a small pillow under your head, if available, a travel or neck pillow is an excellent choice as these help to keep the head stationary.


When Can I Return To A Normal Sleeping Position?

Following an FUE hair transplant, it is recommended to sleep on your back, with your head elevated, for at least 7-10 days. By this time, the newly transplanted hair follicles should have fully taken root and are now a permanent fixture in the recipient area. It is important not to rush this last, vital phase.

What Is The Healing Process After A Hair Transplant?

For the first 3 days, the area will still be sensitive, and the hair grafts will not yet have taken root. During this time, pain, itching, and swelling are all common side effects. These will subside after a few days. After 3-5 days, the area will begin to scab over and may once again be carefully washed using a special – provided – shampoo. After 2-4 weeks, the newly transplanted hair may begin to fall out. This is known as “shock hair loss” and is a completely normal part of the healing process. The hair will grow back on its own by 6 months following the operation. Full results are typically seen within 12-18 months.

Best aftercare at the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic

Our clinic specialises in the most modern forms of hair restoration surgeries including DHI and Sapphire FUE hair transplants. Hair transplant procedures represent the only truly permanent solution to hair loss. Dr Serkan Aygin has been a pioneer in the field of hair restoration for more than 25 years and has assisted more than 15,000 men and women from around the world with a hair regrowth rate of 98%. His work in perfecting the use of sapphire blades during FUE hair transplants has revolutionised the field by dramatically reducing healing time and risks of scarring while simultaneously allowing for denser, fuller final results. In 2019 Dr Aygin was honoured as the recipient of the European Award for Medicine in the field of Hair Transplantation.

In 2013, he founded the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic in the heart of Istanbul. Located in one of Turkey’s most prestigious hospitals, our clinic was named the “Best Medical Tourism Facility” By La Razon in 2019 and uses only the most modern surgical equipment. In 2021, we opened our newest clinic in London. Contact us today to schedule your full, free consultation.

What is your hair loss like?

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