Hair Spray Hair Loss

Hair Spray Hair Loss

One of the most common myths about hair loss is that hairspray causes hair loss. This is a myth, hairspray does not cause hair loss. There are many things that can lead to hair loss, from stress to genetics, however, hair care products do not contain chemicals or materials that are known to damage the hair.


What Hairsprays Can Cause Hair Loss?

While there are no hairsprays that directly cause hair loss, certain types of styling products can, inadvertently, cause hair loss. The most common issue arises with hairsprays and gels that are intended to hold the hair firmly in place. This prevents the hair from naturally flexing and can cause it to become brittle and break. Further, if you attempt to brush your hair with styling gel or hairspray already applied, this can cause the hairs to break and be pulled out.


How Do Hair Care Products Cause Hair Loss?

Any hair that is noticed falling out due to hairspray use is not true hair loss, but merely hair damage. Hair made brittle by styling products can snap and break off, however, this damage is above the hair follicle and the root is still intact. The damaged or broken hair will regrow on its own over the next several months.

Further, styling products labeled as “long-lasting” are more likely to contain alcohol. This can cause additional drying of the hair and risk further damage. Lastly, avoid bleaches or box dyes as these have very harsh chemicals which will cause heavy damage to your hair if used for long periods of time.


What Products Are Safe For Hair?

Typically, any product marketed for hair use is going to be safe for your hair in the long run. As mentioned, harsher products can dry out the hair, leading to temporary hair loss through breakage. If you are experiencing hair breakage, try switching to a styling product that is alcohol-free. Additionally, it is advised to avoid products that contain phosphates or sulfates. While these are not damaging to hair in and of themselves, they can cause the hair to dry out and break.


What Products Can Prevent Hair Loss?

While there are no products that can permanently restore hair lost due to genetic disorders such as androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness), there are a number of products that have been shown to provide temporary benefits. Minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia) are two of the most common (note that finasteride is only available with a prescription, and can only be prescribed to male patients). It is worth pointing out, though, that any new hair growth seen from these medications is purely temporary and will disappear if treatment is ever ceased.

Additionally, products containing biotin are widely used for repairing damage to hair caused by overstyling. Likewise, styling products with B, E, or K vitamins can cause the existing hair to become stronger, thicker, and healthier.


Lifelong Results With Dr Serkan Aygin

If your lost or damaged hair has not returned after several months of treatment, you may be facing hair loss unrelated to your styling choices. Hair loss can be caused by many factors from diet to genetics. The most common form of hair loss is so-called “pattern baldness”. This is a genetic disorder that cannot be reversed or treated with any combination of topical products.

No matter the reason for your hair loss, the only truly permanent solution is a hair transplant. During a hair transplant, a patient’s healthy hair follicles are removed from a donor site before being directly implanted into the recipient area where hair loss is an issue. These implanted hair grafts are the patient’s own hair follicles and will continue to grow for decades. Dr Serkan Aygin is an expert in both DHI and Sapphire FUE hair transplants, both of which provide lifelong, fully natural results.

Named the “Best Medical Tourism Facility” in 2019 by La Razon, The Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic is the premier hair restoration clinic in Turkey. Located in one of Istanbul’s most prestigious hospitals, our hair transplantation surgeons are among the most experienced in the world. Dr Serkan Aygin has assisted more than 15,000 patients and has attained a hair regrowth rate of 98%. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your full, free consultation.

What is your hair loss like?

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