Sapphire FUE: 3501-3550 Grafts

Sapphire FUE Hair transplant 3501 - 3550 Grafts
  • Graft-number: 3501-3550
  • Date: November 2019
  • Method: Sapphire FUE
  • Norwood-Type: 6
Marko, 27, from Germany, was worried about his severe hair loss. The hairline had already slipped far to the back of his head. Not wanting to go completely bald, Marko had a Sapphire FUE hair transplant performed in November 2019.

3501-3550 grafts had to be transplanted to thicken the remaining hair and move the hairline back to its original location. Marko allowed us to keep a detailed record of the course of his hair transplantation. One year after the surgery, Marko’s hair looks thick and natural again.

What is your hair loss like?

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