DHI Hair Transplant: 2900-3000 Grafts

DHI Hair transplant 2900-3000 Grafts
  • Graft-number: 2900-3000
  • Date: February 2019
  • Method: DHI
  • Norwood-Type: 3V
John, 44, from England, had problems with his self-confidence. He suffered from hair loss and a severe receding hairline. Since John was very satisfied with the DHI hair transplantation, he gave us permission to document all steps in detail. In the temple area, 2900-3000 grafts were implanted using the DHI technique.

A few weeks after the healing phase was completed, the first results were already visible. We were able to help John permanently stop his hair loss with the DHI hair transplant. Since the procedure, he has no more problems with hair loss. The receding hairline has completely disappeared. The line of the hairline has moved forward again.

What is your hair loss like?

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