DHI Hair Transplant: 2300-2400 Grafts

DHI Hair transplant 2300 – 2400 Grafts
  • Graft-number: 2300-2400
  • Date: July 2019
  • Method: DHI
  • Norwood-Type: 2
Daniel from Germany was very satisfied with his DHI hair transplant. He allowed us to document the progress for one year. Although Daniel is only 28 years old, he already suffered from severe hair loss in the area of the temples and forehead.

This is where we were able to help. During hair transplantation we transplanted 2300-2400 grafts using the DHI technique. We filled in the thinning areas of the temples and the hairline. We were able to thicken the remaining hair and help Daniel to a healthy hair growth.

What is your hair loss like?

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