Sapphire FUE: 4800-4900 Grafts

Sapphire FUE Hair transplant 4800-4900 Grafts
  • Graft-number: 4800-4900
  • Date: May 2018
  • Method: Sapphire FUE
  • Norwood-Type: 5
In the case of Onur, 32, the problem of hair loss occurred early on. In the forehead area and at the temples, the hair was already completely lost. The remaining hair was sparse and thin. In May 2018, we performed a hair transplant on Onur. We were allowed to document the results for one year.
4800-4900 grafts were inserted into the bald areas during the procedure using the FUE Sapphire method. Today Onur’s main hair is dense and healthy again. The hairline is back in its natural place. We helped Onur to permanently fix his hair loss problem and to be self-confident again.

What is your hair loss like?

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