Why Turkey is the Best Country for A Hair Transplant

Why Turkey is the Best Country for A Hair Transplant

For millions of men and women across the globe who are experiencing chronic hair loss, there is only one permanent solution: a hair transplant. A hair transplant in Istanbul makes for a great choice, however, it might not be a viable solution for everyone. There are multiple factors that can lead to hair loss and many possible treatments. Here, we’ll go over what to consider during a hair transplant in Turkey both before and after the procedure.


How Much Does a Hair Transplant In Turkey Cost?

According to the NHS, the total cost of a hair transplant surgery in the UK is about £30,000. However, in Turkey, there are hair transplant clinics offering equal results for as low as £3,000. That’s a 90 per cent reduction in costs. How do they do it? Turkey has several advantages over other countries that allow them to provide high-quality hair restoration treatments.


Turkey’s currency—the Lira—is very stable and currently worth nearly 0.05 GBP. This conversion rate provides steep savings for anyone travelling from abroad.

Cost of Living

Additionally, anyone travelling to Turkey will quickly notice that costs are generally much lower than in the UK. Because of this, Turkish clinics are able to operate with much less overhead while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

Labour Costs

Thanks to these factors, the general costs of labour are also reduced. This, however, does not mean that the standards to which medical professionals are held are any different than in the UK. All hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are fully qualified, licensed medical professionals and the Turkish healthcare system is well-equipped for handling medical tourists.


The Total Package of A Hair Transplant In Turkey

All hair transplant operations performed at the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic are all-inclusive to guarantee the highest levels of comfort and the least amount of stress. After you’ve scheduled a procedure, all you need to do is arrange your travel to and from Istanbul and leave the rest to us. On top of your hair transplant, your package includes all of the following:

  • Up to 3-nights’ stay in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul’s city centre
  • Transportation to and from the airport, your hotel, and our clinic
  • A complete one-on-one consultation with Dr Serkan Aygin
  • All required medications and postoperative treatments
  • A lifetime satisfaction guarantee


What Hair Transplant Methods are Offered in Turkey?

No two patients are alike and every situation will be different. At the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic, we tailor all transplant packages to each patient’s unique needs. As industry leaders in both DHI and FUE hair transplants, Dr Aygin’s team have achieved a remarkable hair regrowth rate of 98% across 15,000 patients in his 25-year career. Long gone are the days of FUT methods leaving behind unsightly scars. Our modern hair transplant techniques leave little to no visible marks after healing.

Sapphire FUE Method

Follicular Unit Extraction is probably the most commonly used method for hair transplants. During this procedure, healthy hair follicles are extracted from a donor area (most commonly at the back of the head) before being implanted directly into small channels created in the recipient site.

Traditionally, these channels have been created with conventional steel blades. However, Dr Aygin has revolutionized this procedure with the use of sapphire blades instead. This results in a faster recovery time and reduced risks of bleeding and scarring thanks to sapphire’s ability to make far finer and more precise incisions.

DHI Method

Direct Hair Implantation is a slightly modified version of the FUE technique. During a DHI hair transplant, surgeons first use a special micro-motor to remove each hair follicle individually. Next, these hair grafts are immediately implanted into the recipient site using a special Choi Implanter Pen. This technique lets the surgeon place the hair grafts at specific angles to best match a patient’s natural angle and direction of hair growth. This provides a more natural-looking final hair transplant result.


The Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic

Situated in one of Istanbul’s most prestigious hospitals, and winner of La Razon’s “Best Medical Tourism Facility” award in 2019, the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic is one of the world’s most reputable hair restoration centers.

At our modern hair transplant clinic, we provide a full range of hair restoration treatments customized for each of our clients’ needs. We provide all-inclusive hair transplant packages that cover your treatment, follow-up care, hotel stay, and travel in and around the city. You only need to book your flight. All at costs up to 90% less than the UK. Contact us today to schedule a full, free consultation.

What is your hair loss like?

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