Is a hair transplant painful?

Is a hair transplant painful

Pain should be avoided at all costs during surgical or medical procedures, especially for hair loss restoration procedures due to the length of time they require. It is common for patients to frequently ask about pain during hair transplant surgery. In this blog article, we are going to answer the frequently asked questions about pain in a hair transplant procedure.

Thanks to the innovations in this field, a hair transplant procedure is not associated with major pain. Conversely, there is some degree of discomfort or mild pain in the procedure and this is typical of any medical procedure. The majority of patients experience no pain at all and they describe the process as an easy and pleasant experience. For the rare patients that might feel any pain, it is brief and temporary. It is important and worth noting that patients should understand what the procedure entails and whichever discomforts they might feel during the surgery they can share with their doctor.

When is it painful for the patient during the hair transplantation?

The only time that a patient will feel mild pain is when the numbing medication is administered. A hair procedure can only be carried out when your scalp is numb and it is carried out in two areas: numbing the donor area and the recipient area. A local anaesthetic is administered out in the following stages.

Administration by injection. Anaesthesia needles are designed with very thinned tips to minimise pain. The mild pain is because the scalp is very sensitive and any injection to this part of the body cannot go unnoticed.

Administration by application of pressure. This process involves administering an anaesthetic agent into the skin through the application of high pressure. A device is used to apply high pressure on the scalp. After which the anaesthesia is administered through injection and it is less painful.

Does the patient feel pain after the hair transplantation?

Patients report no pain or very mild pain after surgery. Once the surgery is finished the doctor will give the anaesthesia and this is of relief to patients. It gives the patients a considerable amount of time before it wears off thus they can get back to their hotel or residence and wait for the healing process to take effect. Patients are also given post-operative pain medications which help them to feel no pain during healing. If taken correctly, these two things combined mean patients will go to bed on the first night post-op without feeling any pain.

What about the pain in the donor area after the hair transplantation?

 Hair restorative procedures have come a long way from the strip method to the follicular unit extraction method. The FUE technique can be conducted with different instruments thus bringing about different names. Harvesting hair follicles and transplanting individual hair is done with ultimate precision so as not to damage this area. This helps to achieve faster healing and makes the healing process less painful. After a hair transplant surgery, this area is usually numbed again to allow the patient to get to their hotel with no pain or discomfort of whichever sort. The doctors give post-operative pain medications and if the medicines are taken as instructed they should feel no pain.

Soft method of Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic

This process involves carrying out a Sapphire FUE or DHI hair transplant while the patient is under soft sedation. This procedure is completely painless because you are under sedation. Under this procedure the patient is awake, they can even use the restroom and with no difficulty can return to their home or hotel on the same day. Here at Dr Serkin Aygin Clinic, you will achieve natural, satisfactory and successful results for your hair transplant in the utmost comfort. If you are considering a hair transplant or you would like more information about hair transplantation, get in touch with us today.

What is your hair loss like?

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