Can I Trust Hair Transplant in Turkey Reviews?

Hair transplant turkey review

With the continued growth of online marketplaces, browsing and comparing services from around the world has never been easier. For anyone looking for a service provider, one of the best resources out there is customer reviews. Seeing a long list of satisfied customers gives comfort and peace of mind that the person you’re working with is skilled, competent, and professional. If you’re looking for a hair transplant Turkey, you should certainly be interested in customer reviews.

One of the biggest questions many people have is about the legitimacy of online reviews. Sadly, thousands of websites use fake reviews generated by bots to make themselves seem legitimate. Since hair transplant procedures are permanent solutions to hair loss, it is absolutely necessary for patients to thoroughly research their options before choosing a clinic.


How Can I Spot Fake Reviews?

How can someone make sure that they are working with the highest-quality clinics in Istanbul? There are a few tips that fake reviewers often use, so looking out for red flags can help you to separate genuinely satisfied customers from fake review bots.

  • Vague Reviews

A majority of fake reviewers will just type out the shortest, most generic positive comment they can. Reviews like “Great work!” or “Very friendly, thank you!” are, more often than not, fake. It is unlikely that a real person would be so vague for a life-changing procedure such as a hair transplant. Check that the reviews at least mention the details of what the customer had done. A long, specific comment about a patient’s experience at the clinic—especially with pictures—is unlikely to be fake.

  • Stock Photos

Unfortunately, Just because a review has a picture or two doesn’t mean it’s real. If you’re unsure about a photo’s authenticity, try doing a reverse image search to see if the image appears anywhere else online. Most fake reviews will just use stock images or Google image results.

  • Profile Pictures

Putting a face on a review is an easy way to make it look more reliable. But if you look closely, you’ll start to see that many fake reviews use celebrity headshots. If the person leaving the review looks a little too familiar, open up the profile and take a look at their history.

  • Profile Activity

Profiles that specialize in fake reviews are often quickly banned. This means that many of them will be only a few days or weeks old. In that time, they are likely to be leaving dozens of (only positive) reviews. If they have left 60 5-star reviews in the last 3 weeks, they probably aren’t a real customer.


Trusted, Verified Reviews

The Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic in Istanbul is one of the world’s leading hair restoration clinics offering both Sapphire FUE and DHI hair transplants. We value customer trust and satisfaction above all else and take great care to provide only the most accurate transparent information to all of our potential clients.

  • Video Testimonials

On our website, you’ll find dozens of video testimonials from satisfied customers happy with the results of their hair transplant operations. These were filmed months after their hair transplant procedure allowing them time to experience and assess the results for themselves.

  • Before & After Shots

We keep detailed records of the progress our clients make. At our clinic, we have a hair regrowth rate of over 98%. Our website displays before & after shots of hundreds of our clients so you can see the results for yourself. Once hair follicles are implanted, they will remain for life.

  • Only Verified Reviews

Many websites simply have an open comments/review section. This by itself should be seen as a red flag. The Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic allows as well reviews through Trustpilot. Trustpilot is the leading review verifier and works directly with companies and clients to verify reviews before publishing them. Every review on Trustpilot is from a verified person who has used the services they are reviewing. 


Hair Transplant Packages At The Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic

The all-inclusive packages offered by our clinic begin as soon as you arrive in Istanbul. We provide you with airport transfers to and from your 4-star hotel (booked by us) and transport between your hotel and the clinic. Before your procedure, we’ll run a short series of diagnostic blood tests to make sure that you are healthy enough for a transplant. We also offer (optional) anesthesia to all interested patients to ensure a pain-free experience in both the recipient and donor areas.

After your procedure, we’ll provide post-op care and treatment in the form of all needed medications and instructions for their use. Further, you will receive LLLT laser hair treatment following your operation to assist with a quick recovery.

Dr Serkan Aygin

At the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic, we take pride in being one of the leading hair restoration clinics in Istanbul. We provide the best hair transplant procedure in Turkey at a small fraction of the cost of the same transplantation surgery in the UK. Contact us today and schedule a full, free consultation.

What is your hair loss like?

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